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Florian Meisenberg

Here in our own dream, we can do whatever we want, with whomever we want, we can be whatever we want whenever we want, we can look however we want and think whatever we want, we can say whatever we want, and smell however we want, we can vote whomever we want and we can buy whatever we want, we can cheers to whomever we want and we can post whatever we want and we can dream whatever we want, 2020

Oil paint, airbrush on canvas
180.34 x 180.34cm
About Florian Meisenberg
Florian Meisenberg’s paintings are fluid and fragile, rendered in both pastel and dense, dark colours. Meisenberg’s compositions are cartoonish and cluttered, encompassing scattered objects like hats, ice cream cones and body parts, as well as text scrawled in paint. Canvases are often unorthodox shapes, presented on flagpoles or hanging off the wall. The artist is concerned with the 21st century condition: artificiality, digital apprehension and human alienation. The digital incurs onto the canvas, with large computer cursors painted in the middle of Meisenberg’s canvases, presenting an arresting collision of new and old, digital and analogue technologies. The artist’s practice also incorporates video, sound, performance and writing. Written by Goldsmiths CCA