Josèfa Ntjam: First Fluxus x CPGA Prize Laureate

Josèfa Ntjam: First Fluxus x CPGA Prize Laureate


“Too often have we been the subjects of experimentation, and so we have decided to create our own landscapes, to unsettle visions that were used to naming ‘otherness’ without ever letting it express itself.” Josèfa Ntjam

Josèfa Ntjam is the winner of the inaugural Comité Professionnel des Galeries d’Art and Fluxus Prize. The prize is a collaboration between the Comité Professionnel des Galeries d’Art (CPGA) and Fluxus and is specifically aimed at supporting French or France-based living artists who are exhibiting at Frieze London. The judging panel for the CPGA and Fluxus Prize comprised of esteemed international curators and collectors, including Hélène Nguyen Ban, the founder of Docent, and Chair of Fluxus.
Josèfa Ntjam: First Fluxus x CPGA Prize Laureate
At Frieze, Nicoletti exhibited Josèfa Ntjam’s new work ‘Deep Sea Teller’, an installation that features five photomontages that conflate factual and fictional narratives of the Middle Passage, the forced voyage of enslaved Africans across the Atlantic Ocean. The installation continues Ntjam’s exploration of colonial history in light of natural history, mythology and science fiction.
Josèfa Ntjam is an artist, performer, and writer. Her work involves a combination of sculpture, photomontage, film, and sound, where she takes inspiration from various sources, including the internet, natural science books, and photographic archives. Ntjam’s artistic method involves assemblage, where she combines images, words, sounds, and stories to deconstruct the grand narratives underpinning hegemonic discourses on origin, identity, and race. Her performative readings bring her writing to life, inviting viewers to fully immerse themselves in the experience.
Text is an important part of Ntjam’s work – it allows her to achieve some distance from purely plastic concerns, by creating narratives inspired by science fiction. During artist residencies, Ntjam met scientists, astrophysicists, and biologists with whom she continues to work and incorporate scientific concepts into the narratives and mythologies that she tries to destabilize.
Growing up in France in a hybrid culture family, she became interested in how we can create geographical clusters. By avoiding essentialisms and instead showing connections and circulations. That is why I am interested in links with biology and symbiosis between plants. I try to bring these discourses into the field of social studies.
Josèfa Ntjam will open her first major solo show in France, on Monday 13 November 2023 at The Fondation d’entreprise Pernod Ricard. If you’re in Paris, don’t miss the chance to see her show; if not, explore Josèfa Ntjamn’s profile on Docent to learn more about her work.