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Courtesy of the artists.

Kássia Borges (Rare Karaka Huni Huin) And Ibã Huni Kuin (Mahku Collective)


Kássia Borges And Ibã Huni Kuin are both members of the MAHKU collective and collaboratively they created this acrylic painting Mito do Surgimento do NixePae (Myth of the Origin of NixePae) in 2021. Ibã Huni Kuin is a txana (singing master) of the MAHKU (Huni Kuin Artists Movement). MAHKU is a collective of artist-researchers from the Huni Kuin people. The root of this collective started from the traditional training process that Ibã Huni Kuin completed with his father Tuin Huni Kuin, a notable ...Read more