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Sin Wai Kin

Narrative Reflections On Looking, Part One / She Was More Than The Sum Of My Parts, 2016

single-channel video, 4k, colour, sound
About Sin Wai Kin
Through a practice that encompasses performance, moving image, sound, writing and print, Sin Wai Kin reveals and subverts traditional, entrenched and idealised notions of femininity, and represents how identity is transmutable, transient and often consciously performed. Using drag as both mode and aesthetic, the artist undermines conventionally rigid binaries – not only those that separate gender, but also the binaries of life and death, dreaming and waking, and self and other – through parody and the invocation of fantasy and fiction. Sin Wai Kin is influenced by a Taoist allegory, in which a man dreams that he is a butterfly, before waking up unsure whether he is a butterfly dreaming that he is a man or vice versa. To perform one of their characters, the artist dons a wig made from their own hair, shed by their previous self, questioning at what point one becomes aware of their performance of self, and demonstrating the ease with which one slips between different identities.