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Lien Truong

The Peril of Angel’s Breath, 2018

oil, silk, acrylic, antique 24k gold-leaf obi thread, 19th century american cotton, antique obi mourning cloth on canvas
244 x 183cm
About Lien Truong
“I am at once seduced by the sensation and process of pushing material over a surface and at the same time curiously fixated on the present-day relevance and discoveries of these primordial acts.” Conceptually relishing the convergence of centuries-old, historical practices with contemporary subject matter, Lien Truong’s strength as an artist is evidenced by her exquisite handling of materials. Through a myriad of constructs of painting and installations, Truong’s work examines our own systems of belief within the social concepts of family, religion and popular icons. Truong’s most recent work is concerned with social camouflage. With their seemingly fantastical landscape, the Camo Chronicles explore actual zones of current and historical conflict. Using textile design as a sort of camouflage that refers to our human interpretation of the natural world, the design can be considered as both a camouflage in war to disguise forms in the landscape and as a type of uniform and symbol of belonging to the specific countries.