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Juliana Huxtable

Untitled (Psychosocial Stuntin’), 2015

color inkjet print
101.6 x 76.2cm
About Juliana Huxtable
Juliana Huxtable's multidisciplinary practice is dedicated to the complex interrelationship of race, identity, queerness and gender. From performance art to digital collage to self-portraiture to DJing to writing, the artist erases distinctions between the mediums, turning her practice into a vibrant and saturated space of multicolour and political and LGBTQ+ activism. Such distinctions may be taken to be analogous to those of contemporary societal norms, which Huxtable fiercely scrutinises, showing hope for an alternative, more fluid reality. Huxtable places her own physical body and history of her transition in the works that reveal sexism of video games, accentuate alienation of the concept of "boyhood", and trace connections between colonialism and homophobia. Her practice is at once personal and public, contemporary and historical, critical and reassuring. The radicality of celebrating her body and identity further provokes the audience's gaze, one which is contextualised by the societal past and cultural forces that Huxtable continuously diverts from the state of rigidness and separation to the state of queer flux.