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Corey Hayman

Still Life (Trojan Sounds), 2019

hd video
About Corey Hayman
Working across sculpture, moving image, sound, photography and drawing, Corey Hayman explores discourses of class, race and gender and how they shape socio-political, economic and cultural paradigms. Through the concepts of afro-pessimism, the ‘hauntology of blackness’ and capitalism, Hayman creates works underpinned by tension between materiality, commodity and representation. Her moving-image and sculptural works incorporate found, recycled materials, such as found footage, commercial fonts, plastic gloves, wire, electrical tape and ratchet straps. Alongside personal experiences and found objects, Hayman’s practice is contextualised by the idea of intersectionality, a term coined by Kimberlé Crenshaw to define the framework of co-dependent yet oppressive categories that form one’s social and political identity and result in the modes of discrimination and privilege.