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Kathleen Ryan

Bad Melon (Moldy Slice), 2020

cherry quartz, rose quartz, agate, amazonite, jasper, aventurine, rhodonite, rhodochrosite, labradorite, smoky quartz, quartz, botswana agate, carnelian, horn, citrine, glass, cast iron and brass flies, steel and stainless steel pins, polystyrene, aluminum airstream.
58.42 x 160.02 x 53.34cm
About Kathleen Ryan
Kathleen Ryan creates mystifying and beguiling sculptures which reference themes of consumption, pleasure, waste and power. In her ongoing Bad Fruit (2018-) series, Ryan drafts oversized moulding fruits, which are assembled with scrapyard metal, found objects and tens and thousands of semi-precious stones and crystals. In her colossal sculpture Bad Grapes (2020), the gnarled vine is composed of rusted plumbing pipes, whilst the rotting grapes are brought to life with polystyrene and encrusted with amethyst, garnet, quartz, labradorite and countless other gems. This contrast between raw, brutal metals and enrapturing, delicate crystals creates a sense of unease with these objects. Questions of sensuality, greed and value surface in the sculptures, as discarded objects mix with precious materials to create sumptuous slices of fruit. Ryan cites Dutch still life painting, ancient Egyptian sculptures and the decorative arts as key influences in her practice, whilst junk stores in Jersey City also provide ample inspiration. This continual bleeding between high and low culture within Ryan’s work reflects her ongoing interest in culture and the hierarchies that it’s riddled with.