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Alice Könitz

Pavilion of the Present, 2018

wood, metal, paint, collages on paper
439.42 x 482.6 x 482.6cm
About Alice Könitz
Alice Könitz is an artist based in Los Angeles, and is known for her conceptual sculptures and installations. Modernism had a significant impact on Alice Könitz's artistic practice, her low-tech approach to sculpture and installation has an implicit resistance to finality, as well as implicating the wider social and architectural landscape of Los Angeles. Her sculptures are compelling, bear humor and willingness to take risks. Könitz’s artwork, the LAMOA (2012), is a flexible and adaptable platform for art exhibitions, utilizing a small structure that she constructed next to her studio. This architectural structure changes form between exhibitions and consists of interlocking units that can be arranged to form different displays. Various artists are invited to present their work within the structure. Könitz’s interrogation of modes of display and forms of instituting are extended in her work Domestic Pavilion (2019), an expandable structure that hosts research and displays of edible plants and handmade tools. Her recent work is notable in its interest in self-sustainability and resistance to market-driven aesthetics.