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Jennifer Moon

A Breach in the Realm of Beliefs, 2018

4-channel video installation, color, sound
About Jennifer Moon
Jennifer Moon describes themselves as an ‘adventurer and life artist’, blurring aspects of the personal, the formal and the practical in an ongoing project to embody “the revolution”—their way of being which champions self-empowerment, absolute awareness and, above all, the abundance of love. Following in the footsteps of other life-artists who mined their personal lives in the remit of performance, such as Lee Lozano, Stephen Kaltenbach and Linda Montano, Moon’s practice shifts between moving image, installation, performance, and the written word. Each of these different tangents pulls apart and mobilises Moon’s commitment to the revolution. Often humorous, mind-bending and satirical in tone, Moon draws on queer science, pulp fiction, fantasy, self-help and political theory in her broad and boundary pushing practice. Taxidermy might sit in conversation with video-art, animation and gaming aesthetics are used as academic vehicles, or Moon might deliver a performative lecture to an empty auditorium. Nothing is quite as it seems in this all at once sincere and self-critical zone that Moon operates within. Outside of art-making, Moon leads self-discovery workshops in tandem with her installations, she continues to publish her writings and hosts the radio show Adventures Within on KCHUNG.