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Yuan Yuan 苑瑗

Datura, 2021

Oil on canvas
200 x 200cm
About Yuan Yuan 苑瑗
Yuan Yuan (b.1984) currently lives and works in Beijing, China. She is best recognised for her large scale paintings of flowers. Via Yuan Yuan’s large scale paintings, the flower appear to be a non-subjective object. The blossom on the still-standing branches is held by feather-like green leaves, occupying the frame freely and at the same time extending outside the picture, as if the flower itself is already in self-actualisation at a majestic posture before the depiction. Her recent exhibitions include: Contemporary Myths and Artifacts (Stockholm, 2023); Tabula Rasa: Unveiled, No.9 Cork Street (London, 2023); ART SG, Tabula Rasa Gallery (dual solo, Singapore, 2023); The Possibility of a Flower, Tabula Rasa Gallery (Beijing, 2022); The Logic of Painting, Xinjiang Art Museum (Urumqi, 2021); Animamix Biennial, 70 Years of Snoopy, Museum of Contemporary Art (Shanghai, 2020); Utopia / Dystopia, Dietz (Cologne, 2019); Shan Shui Within, Museum of Contemporary Art (Shanghai, 2016); China 8 Contemporary Art From China at Rhine & Ruhr, Osthaus (Hagen, 2015); and Curated by Yu Hong Pan Lin & Yuan Yuan: True False Objects, Ullens Center for Contemporary Art (Beijing, 2010). Yuan Yuan graduated with a Master of Arts degree in Central Academy of Fine Arts.