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Zhang Meng 张萌

A Nameless Residential Quarter, 2022

Charcoal, wax on transparent paper
90 x 120cm
About Zhang Meng 张萌
Zhang Meng (b.1983 in Tianjin, China) is a linguistics scholar turned artist. Her creations reflect her wild imagination as a cosmic wanderer, weaving together multiple perspectives from mythologies of various origins, objective bystanders of social events, and personal memories and experiences. Furthermore, figures in her paintings are often emotionally troubled and detached or obscured and hidden within the landscapes, conveying a sense of fragility and strangeness. This is also tangible in the media she employs charcoal, pencil, hot wax and paper, assorted textiles, which are naturally brittle, slippery and ephemeral. Her works are featured in several museum and gallery exhibitions such as: On a Sentimental Moon, Tabula Rasa Gallery (Beijing, 2023); Forest-Stift, Luis Leu (Germany, 2023); Karls Ruhe, AroundSpace Gallery (solo, Shanghai, 2022); Fragmentation is Abstraction, C-space (Berlin, 2022); We are so many here, Kunsthalle Basel (Basel, 2022); Works on Paper, Stevenson Gallery, (Cape Town, 2021); LISTE Art Fair Basel 2021 (dual solo, Basel, 2021); Tones and Toes, Tabula Rasa Gallery (solo, London, 2021); Ich Singe, Nordheimer Scheune (solo, Nordheim, 2021); Let Painter Talk, Taikang Space, (Beijing, 2021); NINININI PENG, neewhom, Gebäude im Passagehof 24 (Karlsruhe, 2019); Regionale 19, Kunsthalle Palazzo (Switzerland, 2018), etc. https://mengzhang.de/