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Dor Guez

Scanograms #1: Samira and Jacob's wedding, Lod Ghetto, 1949, 2010

manipulated readymade
60 x 75cm
About Dor Guez
Dor Guez is an artist and scholar who was born to a famliy mixed of Palestinian and Jewish immigrants from North Africa. He uses photography and video to examine his complex heritage as a descendant of both Arab Christians and Jewish Holocaust survivors, and examines questions of identity in relation to the formation of modern Israel. Examples of this in his practice include a set of films featuring his Christian Arab family members discussing their place in Israeli society and a series of photographs of the town of Lod, which was historically a Christian-Arab village before it was taken over by Israel. For the past two decades, his research and art have centered around archival materials and photographs from the Middle East and North Africa, as well as examining the impact of violence on the landscape. Guez is interested in interrogating personal experiences and official accounts of the past and aims to complicate the dominant narrative of official history by sharing the perspectives of marginalized communities, attempting to re-contextualize visual and written documents in order to uncover hidden histories.