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Andrey Guaianá Zignnatto

Mestiçagem #21, 2021

cjenipapo and coal on paper cement sack and cotton string
160 x 90 x 5cm
About Andrey Guaianá Zignnatto
Andrey Guaianá Zignnatto's works include video, object, installation, serigraphy, painting, which serve as a personal quest to reconcile the diverse and conflicting influences of urban societies and indigenous cultures that shape his life. These influences encompass his personal experiences within urban environments, including his past involvement as a mason, as well as his familial connection to indigenous heritage. Zignnatto's artistic practice emerges from the realm of labor, such as pottery or construction, where materials like cement bags, bricks, mortar joints, and fragments from urban interventions are transformed into raw materials for his artistic actions, which aim to transcend mere imitation. The series of five paintings titled "Espelho dos Juruás," wherein each canvas depicts the artist's mouth, capturing the gesture that exposes his dental arch. This portrayal evokes the historical evaluation imposed by colonial powers on black and indigenous slaves. Zignnatto's exploration include various artistic movements, ranging from constructivism and minimalism to conceptual art, as he delves into the experience of existing in the world. Through his art, he opens up tangible and abstract ruptures and breaches, giving rise to new aesthetic developments that signify pathways of identity and social reconfiguration.