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Oh Sufan

God of Valley, 1993

oil on canvas
157 x 135cm
About Oh Sufan
Oh Sufan is a Korean Abstract painter, who blends both Eastern and Western influences within his large-scale paintings. With an interest in capturing the act of painting rather than focusing on a specific aesthetic outcome, each work bears the traces of his playful interactions with paint. Bold brushstrokes and swathes of colour meet more intentional, calligraphic or primordial symbols, developing a distinctive visual vocabulary for the artist to work with. He has a particular interest in existentialism, phenomenology, structuralism and semiotics, in addition to the teachings of Laozi, Zhuangzi and the Chinese classics. Often working with his eyes closed, Oh Sufan will draw on this rich array of philosophical readings, visually digesting these texts on the canvas. This merging of creativity and consciousness gives each work an incredibly expressive tone, as myriad sources collide with Oh Sufan’s own intuition. Although these works undoubtedly engage with the lineage of Abstract Expressionism, Oh Sufan has carved an arresting and joyful visual lexicon of his own to deliver these bold works of art.