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Xavier Coronel

Doomed Krypton, 2021

oil, acrylic, latex paint, glue, chalk, graphite, colored pencil and ink on canvas
300 x 740cm
About Xavier Coronel
Xavier Coronel creates large-scale mixed media paintings which examine dynamics between terror and memory. Inspired by elements of horror, ranging from traditional cinematic genres to the sensory niches revealed when overturning an ostensibly organized reality, Coronel's paintings stand as a testament to his cinematic studies in Buenos Aires. His work reveals his affinity for pop culture, everyday nuances, video games, virtual realms, and a poignant yearning for his formative years and prior habitats. With a keen ability to absorb and integrate the vast array of images and information he encounters daily, Coronel channels these experiences into his work. The resultant paintings act like slices of his personal narrative. It's not uncommon for viewers to come across juxtapositions, such as the foot of Justin Bieber alongside a video game still, or an abstracted film poster. This artistic tapestry aptly reflects a generation saturated with information, where, within Coronel's oeuvre, traditional hierarchical distinctions dissolve, fostering a level playing field among myriad visuals.