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Alannah Farrell

Lilith (Bushwick), 2022

oil, acrylic, and spray paint on canvas
152.4 x 101.6cm
About Alannah Farrell
Alannah Farrell's paintings are an introspective exploration of the expressive potential of the figure. Through soft, repetitive, and deliberate brushwork, the artist depicts their close circle of friends and creative community with a complex and tender approach. At the core of their artistic investigation are complex questions about identity, psychological states, and the nature of true intimacy. Each portrait is a form of protest, expressing a desire for safety, community, and intimacy in response to the alienation, anxiety, and violence prevalent in modern queer life. As a queer and trans-identifying artist from rural New York, they depict the real bodies of their queer community in atmospheric paintings that convey the emotional nuances of each subject. Additionally, Farrell's artistic pursuit is deeply rooted in the heart of New York City and captures intimate scenes and perseverances throughout the city. Their use of vibrant colours and emotionally charged brushstrokes makes their paintings a celebration of queer life and love, showcasing the beauty and power of queer bodies and relationships.