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Matthew Langan-Peck

Untitled #4, 2021

acrylic and vinyl on fiberglass
80 x 100 x 80cm
About Matthew Langan-Peck
Matthew Langan-Peck's work spans a range of disciplines, including drawing, painting, and installation. Through material and spatial manipulations, he critically examines the economics of installation, the improvisational nature of materiality, and the dynamics of occupying space. Utilizing basic shapes and materials, the artist creates objects that are at once idiosyncratic, whimsical, and evocative of childlike simplicity. While the size of the objects in his installations prevents them from being classified as mere toys, and their dimensions may even seem obtrusive or humorous, their uncanny scale merges a playful sensibility with a sense of darker, existential fragility. These works serve as both bold statements of intent and complex combinations of discarded and repurposed materials. Although some facets of Langan-Peck's practice may invite comparisons to Claes Oldenburg, his art is imbued with its own form of distinct poetics. The understated nature and transient quality of his forms heighten a tragi-comic resonance, further underscored by the artist's subtle references to the potential ephemerality or disappearance of the objects.