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Azize Ferizi

The smoker, 2023

oil painting on canvas
170 x 160cm
About Azize Ferizi
In this series “celebration chronicles” Azize Ferizi presents a series of eight paintings where the subjects are veiled in these shell-like, cloth-like structures, serving as unconventional garments. With each painting, she attempts to depict a distinct character that draws inspiration from prevalent stereotypes. By doing so, she focuses to shed light on the limitations and constraints imposed by these social constructs, inviting viewers to question and reflect upon their own perceptions. These characters are envisioned within the context of a fictional celebration or event, allowing for an engaging narrative to unfold. Fashion plays a significant role in this series as it enables Azize to delve into a broader range of colors and materials. The figurative forms that characterized her earlier works are now articulated through a vibrant interplay of colors, shapes, and sizes. Each painting becomes a visual narrative, where the characters speak through the language of hues and compositions, conveying stories of identity, perception, and societal roles. Through the juxtaposition of celebration, fashion, and character archetypes, her intention is to spark conversations about the intricacies of individuality and the influence of societal constructs on our sense of self. The fluidity of the medium allows for an organic interplay between the painted surface and the fabric-like texture, creating a visual dialogue that blurs the boundaries between painting and sculpture.