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Klodin Erb

Der Aufstand der Sabinerinnen (from the series venusinfurs), 2022 - 2023

oil, acrylic and acrylic spray paint on canvas, fabric frame
365 x 240cm
About Klodin Erb
Klodin Erb (b. 1963, Winterthur, Switzerland) is one of Switzerland’s most renowned contemporary artists. Based in Zurich, she is also a lecturer in the Department of Design & Art at Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts. In her expressive and fantastical pictorial worlds, Klodin Erb reacts like a seismo- graph to the tenor of the present day. Her core medium is painting. Often, the theme dictates the form: she tailors her techniques to her topic, highlighting and in- terweaving form and content to maximise the expressive power of painting. Formal influences come from popular and online culture and art history, combined with her love of experimentation and constant probing of the limits of painting. A precise observer of her surroundings and the world at large, Klodin Erb is interes- ted in how our social structures change and the challenges we face in the here and now. Just as people and society evolve, she constantly interrogates and renews her work as an artist, driving it forward, spinning a web where all is connected. Forays into other media such as film, installation, and collage prove to be highly inspiring and fruitful ways of generating new kinds of images, which she incorporates into her painting.