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Ingo Niermann

Positive Terror – 7 Tutorials, 2023

video, 16:9, 21 min. commissioned by world revolution fund
About Ingo Niermann
Ingo Niermann, an esteemed writer and chief editor of the forward-thinking Solutions Series at Sternberg Press, boasts a repertoire of recent publications such as Solution 295-304: Mare Amoris (2020), Burial of the White Main (co-authored with Erik Niedling, 2019). Drawing inspiration from his novel Solution 257: Complete Love (2016), Niermann pioneered the Army of Love project (accessible via thearmyoflove.net), an initiative exploring and advocating for a need-centric redistribution of sensuous affection. This initiative has garnered attention at esteemed venues like the Berlin Biennale, Castello di Rivoli, Shedhalle, Guggenheim New York. Through the lens of his Solution Series, Niermann proffers intellectually stimulating remedies to a spectrum of bio- and geopolitical quandaries, extending from the intricacies of love to the complex Palestine-Israel standoff. For instance, his Solution 1-10: Umbauland (2009, Sternberg Press), presents a collection of ten innovative––albeit theoretically plausible–– resolutions to the pressing political challenges faced by Germany. Niermann's avant-garde approach to manipulating established systems illuminates the intricate scaffolding of these systems and reveals the apprehensions they engender.