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Sylvie Fleury

Champagne et Limousines, 2010

yellow neon
24 x 300cm
About Sylvie Fleury
Spanning various artistic mediums such as sculpture, performance, installation, and painting, Sylvie Fleury's work is deeply rooted in the foundational elements of early Conceptualism, Pop Art, and Minimalism. Immersed in the complex interplay of materialistic desire, aesthetic considerations, and the intricate framing of value, Fleury's enthralling work provides an decisive lens into contemporary discussions on gender, beauty, and consumerism. Her celebrated use of readymades—encompassing everything from automobiles and neon signs to cosmetic sets, highlight the potent transformative capacity of art, and invite viewers to reinterpret these everyday items. This approach fosters rich dialogue on the obsession with luxury goods, branding, and the gender-driven nuances of consumerism. Drawing from a diverse array of resources, Fleury's work references high fashion, luxury accessories, cosmetics, magazine covers, Formula 1 racing scenes, spacecraft, and iconic pieces of modern art. Her focus on makeup palettes serves as a pointed critique of society's emphasis on external beauty, while her juxtaposition of traditionally masculine symbols, such as rockets and cars, astutely challenges entrenched gender norms.