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Jan Kaláb

The Perfect Storm, 2020

acrylic on canvas
120 x 180 x 15cm
About Jan Kaláb
Jan Kaláb works with diverse visual formats such as painting, sculpture, installation, street murals and more recently, NFTs. He has cultivated a distinct aesthetic style, forming amorphous organic shapes in either sculptural or painted form and producing these abstract entities in bright hues. Kaláb has a background in street art, and this continues to inform his high-octane, visually arresting designs. Like puddles brought into physical form, each work fluidly stretches Kaláb’s practice, with each shape possessing distinct emotional tones. This repetition of specific shapes echoes the practices of Damien Hirst and Yayoi Kusama, with both of these artists pushing specific motifs or objects to their limits. This purely geometric language that Kaláb works with draws on facets of botany, underwater realms as well as chemistry. The morphing designs bear traces of varying plants, creatures or atoms, charged with Kaláb’s infectious use of colour. In the artist’s own words “my paintings refer to the material world, but I don't try to capture anything tangible…rather, I try to create something that does not yet exist in our world and visually manifest its essence”, sitting at this intersection between emotion and tangibility, Kaláb creates works which ignite something universal within us.