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Aura Rosenberg

Scene #2, 2014

acrylic paint, inkjet print on gold metallic photo paper mounted to dibond
25.5 x 17.5cm
About Aura Rosenberg
Aura Rosenberg is a multidisciplinary artist whose creative endeavors traverse painting, photography, film, sculpture, performance, and installation art. She frequently integrates multiple artistic mediums within individual collections, establishing a distinctive, innovative series each time. Throughout her five decade career, Rosenberg has developed a unique lexicon of references and intellectual concepts, which weave together divergent themes—from sexuality and history to motherhood—establishing intriguing juxtapositions that reveal inherent tensions. Rosenberg's eclectic repertoire of references encompasses a wide array of subjects, spanning from the Golden Age of Porn to Classical sculpture, and extending to critical theory. With agility and acuity, she explores intricate concepts relating to gender, family, sexuality, history, pop culture, and memory. While the themes she navigates may vary, a common thread in her work is its grounding in quotidian life. In the series “Who Am I? What Am I? Where Am I?” she unites her daughter and her cohort with fellow artists to produce poignant, and occasionally contentious, portraits.