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Fanny Irina

Sans titre, 2022

color pencil on paper
27.7 x 21cm
About Fanny Irina
Through materials such as ceramics, pencil, pastel, paint, textiles, the artist questions her metamorphoses, the multiple bodies she experiences. Irina carries out introspective work at the crossroads of the fantastic and the intimate, also mixing questions of roots and the re-enchantment of spaces. Plates spread out on a table catch our eye, intrigue us. Some are flat, covered with different enamels, shiny or matte, sometimes almost gourmand, more or less iridescent. They seem to potentially contain the shapes that we find sculpted on the surface of other cards – unless it is deep inside them? Animal heads appear or disappear, they do not reveal themselves completely, still protected by their earthly world. The cards are constructed by hand, the touch allowing the surprise of these almost magical appearances. These cards accompany Irina like intimate presences. A certain tenderness emerges, perhaps also a disturbance, born from the confrontation with these curiously familiar looks. A sort of disturbing strangeness which fully resonates with the artist's other works. Irina invites us into her universe to share moments outside of time, to meet entities, sometimes close to an original state which tell something of the emotions which inhabit the artist.