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Dimitri Fagbohoun

Till the end of time, 2013

bois, bache, céramique, quartz noir
About Dimitri Fagbohoun
Dimitri Fagbohoun was born in 1972 from a Beninese father and an Ukrainian mother, in Cotonou, Benin. Being raised in Cameroon before settling in France, where he lives and works now, the thematics and questions he raises are reflecting his course and history, between geographic and artistic borders. His work is then inseparable of his own life experience and of his plural identity. Protean, by the heterogeneous forms he uses, video, photography, installation, he expresses a relationship to identity and personal history within which his writing is disturbing the models that constitute them. From this tension results the emerging of other visions and new forms. As he conceives his artistic work to be an open field of propositions, his use of video, between experimentation and cinematographic form, goes to the limit of cinema and visual arts, changing the frontiers between those practices. He documents the notions he explores, thus producing mental representations of the visual territories he created. Many of his videos are linked to sound creations and exhale a quasi schizophrenic dimension of the thematics he deals with : identity, memory, religion, politics.