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“Untitled #5”, Môgôs series, 2012

mixed media on canvas
60 x 80cm
About Aboudia
Aboudia's work depicts the vitality and the unvarnished energy of a youth that gets by and manages; the smiles are a little nightmarish at times, but these broad smiles exalt their experience. This generation on the fringes of society is growing and taking on a new form. Its strength is becoming clearer as it is restructured. In each work swarms a multitude of lives, a breath of fresh air and noise, silhouettes seek their place in endlessly narrow spaces. In Aboudia's canvases the presence of yesterday's Ziguéhis can be felt to the emergence and assertion of Nouchi. The friction of words, remixed sounds and dreams of someplace else brandished in signs of identity, resistant to the test of precarious everyday conditions. His lines continually encapsulate the effervescence of a blossoming country, the subject of endless debates and demands. Abidjan is at the height of its ascension, a city of transformations. Now that it is beyond the crisis, it is attractive; a city of possibilities. Aboudia is lying in wait, he observes and buries himself in his metropolis. He closely follows any movement or changes. The living dead, zombies that are more awake than ever are illuminated in his tableaux. Between the concrete and the sand Aboudia creates a fantasy, a spontaneous festival, a thriller straight out of coastal West Africa.