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Marguerite Humeau

Orisons Divination Map, 2023

embroidery on organza, beeswax, tree resin, paraffin wax, acrylic tray, aluminium, led light panel
124.2 x 124.2 x 8.8cm
About Marguerite Humeau
Marguerite Humeau’s artistic practice is concerned with imagining and ‘prototyping worlds that are invisible or extinct, or parallel to ours. They might exist, but we don’t really know about them.’ The artist’s speculative fictions are formed by uncovering forms and ideas that have been forgotten or lost, that have fallen off the map throughout history. Humeau’s is a practice of seeking to comprehend; ‘[the worlds] are based on mysteries that I am trying to understand. I am extracting real things, and then expanding into “what if?” scenarios.’ Humeau’s process of research and investigation has led her to collaborations with anthropologists, historians, scientists, explorers, linguists, engineers, palaeontologists and zoologists and, in order to hold a broader understanding of knowledge, she has recently learned from the marginal voices of foragers and oral historians. The outcomes of Humeau’s work are mainly presented sculpturally; vast, extra-terrestrial, extratemporal forms rendered in ghostly white with synthetic materials such as polystyrene, latex and silicone. Written by Goldsmiths CCA