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Morgan Courtois

Rahmat, 2019

Photo d'atelier prise lors de la réalisation de la série de sculture Fold Impression jet d'encre sur papier mat 330g
42 x 59.4cm
About Morgan Courtois
Morgan Courtois is a sculptor who occasionally integrates imagery into his work, and focuses on exploring the "potential or the pathetic part of materials." Courtois often uses plaster, clay, and resin in his creations, in which he disrupts the materials stability to create an ambiguous status that blurs the line between animate and inanimate. Drawing inspiration from his previous occupation as a gardener, Courtois is fascinated by the rhythm and functional properties of flowers. In his exhibition ‘décharge’ (2022), he displayed an extensive collection of porcelain vessels, such as alcohol bottles, fragrance bottles, water bottles, and vases. Courtois attributes meaning to these everyday objects, imbuing them with an autonomous existence and elevating them to the level of possessing a soul. By creating ghostly ceramic replicas of these containers, he underscores their uselessness and transforms these objects into works of art that surpass their original function. Courtois also creates perfumes that evoke the poetic connection between materials, events, and sensations.