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Maria Abaddon

Paisaje II (Mediodía), 2023

wet felting and needle felting (wool fibers)
49 x 51cm
About Maria Abaddon
Maria Abaddon’s work speaks about flesh and carnage. Violence and life’s ferocity. A voracity to consume, mindlessly. A necessary and poignant commentary on humanity’s relationship with well, just about everything, and each other. In the midst of chaos and an overload of images, information and disinformation, humans have managed to find a dangerous distance from each other. A necessary perspective, or a failure again of “humanity”. Perhaps, equating humanity to any kind of impulse towards kindness and humility is the biggest mistake. Perhaps we are more akin to viruses. For Abaddon, such a dire possibility is a valid hypothesis. And to seek an answer she is willing to offer carnage in terrible scales, confronting us with our own mortality. Her work shies not from exploring the fragmentation of the body. It delves into spaces and rituals of mourning, usually presenting these conceptual axes through the three dimensional, constructing installations to generate passable spaces, as well as the monumentality to create an immersive experience.