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Åsgårdstrand, 2022

oil and acrylic on linen
50 x 60cm
About W.Rossen
W. Rossen (b.1995 Zaandijk, The Netherlands) shares the following quote: "A meeting between our meaty, hairy body and a fabricated object or system". This thought is, for him, the starting point from which ideas emerge. He aims to translate that in the way the canvas meets the paint; focusing on the visual depiction of that meeting in either an abstract or a figurative way. The artist is interested in the production of meaning: at what point do we allow for the personal to affect the reading of an object or system? In which way does this activation of what’s subjective take place? These questions are intimately intertwined with Rossen’s medium: painting. Within the frame - the canvas’ body, the system - the question remains: when does one put away the paint brush? At what point are there enough layers for the artwork to be meaningful? The re-emerging concern thus examines the innate nature of producing and reading paintings. W. Rossen speaks of his own art as an inspection of the unnoticed: “Within my own work, I'm focusing mainly on objects that are often not seen, whether because they are hidden or so ubiquitous that no attention is paid to them. They may disappear, or not be seen at all. And mostly I combine these moments with a more abstract approach to painting”.