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Candice Lin

Lithium Time Clock, 2023

porcelain with cobalt glaze and clock hardware
20.5 x 20.5 x 2.5cm
About Candice Lin
Candice Lin works among multidisciplinary media, such as sculpture and video, which explores complex themes of cultural, gender, and racial disparities, uncontrolled sexualities, and non-normative behavior. Her work critiques the permeable nature of delineations, employing transformative materials to highlight the fluidity of boundaries: a sculptural tableau of a tar-coated cornfield seamlessly transitioning into a hirsute, black pig, digital reinterpretations of Mapplethorpe’s Black Book nudes metamorphosed into Martian geological forms, and a life-sized cockroach with an iridescent, spaceship-like shell punctuated with silicone vaginas, oozing suggestively. Lin's work orbits the themes of the fluidity and malleability of the boundaries between the self and the other. It further scrutinizes how Western ideologies of self-identity exert influence on power dynamics inherent within conceptions of individualism, selfhood, liberty, and differentiation. Through her exploration of marginalized histories and the legacies of colonialism, along with the materials that bridge them, her work threads together disparate narratives of migration, biological warfare, and the colonial relationships of Britain and America with China.