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Max Jansons

Over the moon with Mondrian, 2023

oil on canvas
116.84 x 106.68cm
About Max Jansons
Max Jansons' artwork is focused on creating deeply personal visual experiences for the viewer, using a combination of both representational and abstract images often presented via painting. For example, a series might depict a flower transforming into a redwood tree, illuminated by moonlight, highlighting its intricate symmetry, with petals that reveal golden centers. Although still-life painting is a recurring theme in his work, Jansons also incorporates a range of other subjects, such as landscapes, portraits, and everyday objects that hold personal significance for him. His work also draws on historical art references that reflect his profound interest and knowledge of the subject. Jansons breathes new life into these traditions, through his use of complex color combinations and expressionist painting techniques, which create a visual dialogue between the past and present. His painterly techniques contribute significantly to the exploration of historical tropes in innovative ways, employing diverse brushwork and traditional materials such as aged oil paints and rare pigments to bring a unique perspective to these familiar themes.