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Jared Ginsburg

Objects move across a room 5, 2023

oil and graphite on canvas
21 x 20 x 2.5cm
About Jared Ginsburg
Jared Ginsburg is an artist who utilizes various mediums, such as sculpture, drawing, painting, video, and performance, to explore alternative modes of knowledge production and transfer. His artwork functions as a tool for questioning and examining the world, with the objective of creating innovative ways to productively engage with it. An example of this is seen in his use of kinetic sculptures, which involve combining found moving objects with simple construction techniques. His 'Hanging Drawings' series is comprised of sculptural drawings fashioned out of bamboo, rubber, and string, and was initially an attempt to transform a two-dimensional ink drawing into a three-dimensional space. It has since evolved into a self-contained exploration of composition. Similarly, in his 'Wall Painting' series, large canvases serve as records of note-making and drawings, in which they are covered and revealed through the process of painting-over and sanding-away, resembling a private archaeology. Ginsburg's artistic process is characterized by incorporating "indeterminacy or chance operations," and his studio serves as a laboratory, instrument, and character in conversation.