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Adelaide Cioni

Go easy on me, one blue with yellow stick, 2022

Indian ink and vinyl paint on vintage paper
28 x 22cm
About Adelaide Cioni
Central to Adelaide Cioni’s practice is an exploration of colour. Brightness explodes from the surface of her images creating an immersive space for the viewer to inhabit. Employing shape, pattern and dimension, her use of form fills the space. Despite her matte application of paint and flat surfaces, there is depth to her images, her minimal colour blocking, and neutral backgrounds create an endless space. Cioni’s work draws from the canons of Italian painting, from Pascali, Novelli and Merz, her primary influences, to employing the same shade of pink as Giotto and della Francesca. Her colour choices are rich, and her masterful application of paint is almost velvety in the thickness of its concentration. Her work is joyful, there is a youthful exuberance and wonder to her minimal depiction of subjects like ice-creams. What Cioni demonstrates through her body of work is the seductive nature of colour, her subjects are the means rather than the ends, an opportunity to explore the expansive possibilities of colour in itself.