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Michael Andrew Page

Bivvy 21, 2024

oil on linen
150.5 x 100 x 3.5cm
About Michael Andrew Page
Emotional utterances of relinquished objects provide Page the preliminary signals for enquiry across his practice. In this case a gravity subjected, light-perforated bivvy performs as the antithesis of the Gothic vernacular, whilst maintaining cognitive recognition regarding function. A shielding congregational structure, covert, singular, deployable. With primary concerns derived from the friction between contemplative abstraction and aesthetic security, Page’s work establishes formally monastic occupancy within the unity of psychophysiological and constructed perspectival space. Working closely with renaissance mathematics, Page navigates stages of manual and digital labour, meticulously rendering the purposeful material translucence. Such Lacanian mannerisms transmogrify through drawing leading to a profound yet unfamiliar proximity to the object, and that through the re- deployment of organised space, indicates mathematical abstraction. Maintaining a cognitive state of melancholic conjecture, a conviction influenced by the readings of early modern antiquarian travellers, a coerced non-fiction is revealed within the copiousness of Page’s research. The recognised shift in formal agenda is undeniably a key moment in the process whereby the re-representation of aesthetic/objective fact is momentarily where mathematical systems and psychological space collide. For Page it is within the oxymoronic scrutiny of the non-real object, as often dictated through a combination of self-assertive orthogonal projections, that the illuminated objects manifest as resting points for the contemplative blissful on-looker.