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Julia Rometti

Cotton fabric and aluminium foil, 2023

cotton fabric and aluminium foil
78 x 104 x 3cm
About Julia Rometti
Julia Rometti (b. 1975, Nice). Lives and works in Mexico City, where she has made her home for over a decade, following a journey that led her through various diverse landscapes. This period of constant movement marked the genesis of her artistic journey, during which she has employed versatile mediums such as photography, film, and collages, as well as ready-made and found objects, to explore non-Western ontologies through the lenses of fiction and speculation. Under the name of the artistic duo Rometti Costales, she explored issues that encompass the human and the non-human, considering nature a space of political inscription. Julia Rometti's practice recognizes the conditions and materiality as having agency and capacity for intentional action that challenge anthropocentrism and traditional hierarchies, encouraging other perspectives on the world, where all entities are seen as active participants in shaping their environments and futures. As a solo artist, Julia Rometti has actively participated in artistic events and exhibitions, including her residency at Gapado AiR Residency, Gapado, KR. She has had solo exhibitions at Museo Anahuacalli, CDMX, MX and PEANA, CDMX, MX. In 2024, she is scheduled to be part of a group exhibition with a new commissioned project at Museo Tamayo, CDMX, MX. During her collaboration with Rometti Costales, she engaged in exhibitions at influential institutions such as Museo Jumex and SAPS Sala de Arte Publico Siquieros in CDMX, MX; Museo de la Solidaridad Salvador Allende in Santiago, CL; Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo in Madrid, ESP; Centre d'art Contemporain la Synagogue de Delme, Delme, FR; Kunsthalle Basel, Basel, CHF; Casa del Lago in CDMX, MX; and Midway Contemporary Art in Minneapolis, US; among others. Their work was also featured in group shows at venues such as Kadist, San Francisco, US; Museo Amparo in Puebla, MX; Museo Tamayo in CDMX, MX; MAMM in Medellin, COL; Tabakalera in San Sebastian, ESP; SITElines in Santa Fe, US; the 12th Bienal de Cuenca in Cuenca, ECU; and CRAC Alsace in Alsace, FR.