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Kayode Ojo

Undressed (Sorayama Silver Los Angeles), 2024

mapofbeauty 40 inch/100cm fashion straight long costume anime cosplay wig (silver), wanlian women luxury cute heart shape tassel evening clutch bag rhinestones wedding party purse handbag, heavy duty toy metal handcuffs with keys - 6 pack stainless steel bulk fake hand cuffs, accessories supplies for kids police pretend role play, adult party favors
139.7 x 48.3 x 48.3cm
About Kayode Ojo
‘The art world is part of my medium,’ explains Kayode Ojo. A disciple of Marcel Duchamp, adopting his penchant for the appropriation of mundane, ‘readymade’ objects, and recognition of the gallery’s ability to vastly elevate the worth and discourse associate with the objects within its grasp, Ojo is interested in making layers of production and trade visible. He gathers fragments pertaining to a materialist, capitalist culture; relics of fast fashion like a H&M fringe dress, a grey ASOS suit, a hairpiece purchased from Amazon. Although Ojo problematises the objects’ conception, he also willingly elevates them, realising their aspirations for grandeur. He meticulously drapes synthetic fabric over metal armatures and pieces of Breuer-style furniture, fastening all of the items taut in a play of mutual culpability using key rings, carabiner hooks and steel handcuffs.