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Nino Kapanadze

Horserace, 2024

oil on linen
22 x 27cm
About Nino Kapanadze
Born in Tbilisi, Georgia in 1990, Nino Kapanadze practiced painting from an early age. In 2007, she enrolled at Tbilisi State Academy of Arts, faculty of Architecture, from where she graduated in 2015, during this period she also took courses at Aalto University in Helsinki and BAUHAUS in Dessau. In 2018 she moved to France to pursue studies at Paris Institute of Political Studies (Sciences Po), graduated in 2020 and then decided to dedicate all her time to oil painting. Nino is currently in her final year at Beaux-Arts de Paris. Her multidisciplinary artistic experience also covers fresco technique (affresco), lithography, gravure, installation and photography but she puts these technics at the service of painting, which is central to her arts: ā€œI am interested in painting practice not as a medium of image creation, not in a surface but in a space where I can develop a conversation, activate conflict zones and be in constant revelation of what a painting could be. Avoiding the idea that an image has a fixed end or a fixed viewing point, neither category nor predefined identity, I explore sensation of movement, varying tempo and transparency within the realm of canvas. I want my painting to dominate subject matter but intensity of content and juxtaposition of meanings and/or open-ended questions are integral parts of my practice. Experience of painting carries more truthfulness than empirical truth itself, such experience leading towards beauty, recognition of which is primal, instant and sensorial. ā€œ Nino Kapanadze