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Mégane Brauer

Tous les jours, pâte à tartiner, 2023

diamond painting, on frame, kitchen stain
46 x 33cm
About Mégane Brauer
«My work is based on my culture, that of the working classes and the environment in which they evolve. I attempt to convey the strength and beauty of it, whether it be the rage or the emancipatory self-derision, even when it comes to the mechanisms that are supposed to oppress them. It’s a study of poor power, even poor spreading, blending installations, images, and writing. My research focuses on how endured precarity upon bodies, minds, places, and even upon the objects that we, the poor, use, how this constant submission can be disrupted. In a revealing way, using our codes as precarious individuals, in our own way, for once.» — Mégane Brauer Combining writing, installation, video, sculpture, and performance, and drawing on her personal history, Mégane Brauer seeks to make visible the everyday lives and destinies of marginalized people in France, in a glittering and falsely magical universe. Mégane Brauer studied at the Beaux-Arts de Besançon. She is the co-founder of the collective Freed From Desire, which offers residencies for emerging artists in rural areas. She is also a member of the collective 59 St Just.