Abstract Metamorphosis

Abstract Metamorphosis


Docent x Invisible Collection

Abstract Metamorphosis
Docent is thrilled to present its first physical exhibition in New York City in collaboration with Invisible Collection and alongside the works of designer Thierry Lemaire.

The exhibition is hosted at Invisible Collection Townhouse, 24 E 64th St, New York. Opening on May 15th, 6 PM.
Monday to Saturday, 10 AM to 6 PM.

Become a Spectator

Abstract Metamorphosis
Abstract Metamorphosis invites us to delve into its featured works in two distinct manners: initially, by interpreting them for their depicted subject matter, and secondly, by engaging with their palpable, intrinsic qualities. This exhibition urges us to approach the showcased body of work twice over, each time with fresh perspectives and varied lenses of perception, becoming ourselves metamorphosed beings.

Women Artists and Materiality

Abstract Metamorphosis, a unique celebration of the creative endeavors of three distinguished female artists, offers a compelling array of artworks dedicated to the abstract exploration of materiality. In a world marked by rapid technological progress and profound environmental shifts, the investigation of material takes on a profound significance, offering a poignant lens through which to contemplate our interconnectedness with the world we inhabit.

Talita Zaragoza, Jenna Bitar, and Elisa Bertaglia’s artworks are profound journeys of introspection. They delve into the depths of transformation, fragility, and enduring essence inherent in our engagement with the matter.

Elisa Bertaglia

Talita Zaragoza

Jenna Bitar