Adelaide Cioni

Adelaide Cioni


Here I am on a new path

Docent is pleased to present the works of Adelaide Cioni, currently on view at P420 since the beginning of February.

The exhibition, which takes place in the gallery's two rooms, presents previously unseen works through which the Bolognese artist welcomes and invites us into an immersive environment. The leitmotif is a reflection on approximation in both a physical and conceptual sense. Physical approximation - to the work, to a person, to a place - is an approach to the object and its understanding, but at the same time the concept of approximation shuns the very possibility of completeness, of perfection. Andrea Cortellessa writes in this regard in the critical text, "Adelaide Cioni has always - first translating literary texts, then 'translating' the world of phenomena into that of signs - reflected on approximation as a key element of our being in language [...] 'Abstracting' then gives us the illusion of being less imprecise."
Adelaide Cioni
Adelaide Cioni
Drawings for Myself
Via Azzo Gardino, 9
40122 Bologna BO, Italy
01 February – 23 March 2024