Air Service Basel 2024

Air Service Basel 2024


Lo Brutto Stahl is initiating this year its first off-site exhibition project in Basel, called "Air Service Basel 2024".

The exhibition will take place from June 10 to 16, 2024, at Basel's private airport, Air Service Basel, coinciding with the fair period. The exhibition is open to the public by appointment only.

Location: Air Service Basel GmbH

As Docent members, you can inquire on works featured in the exhibition and request to visit the space with your advisor.

Art Basel from above

Air Service Basel 2024
The exhibition will encompass various spaces throughout the airport, integrating works into existing areas such as hangars, offices, waiting rooms, and private lounges, fostering a dialogue between the venue and the exhibited works. This integration encourages a sense of curiosity and exploration among the audience throughout the entire airport space, providing collectors and airport clientele with a privileged, immersive, and surprising artistic experience.

Pioneers from the Underground

Air Service Basel 2024
The selection of works exhibited at Air Basel Service is both a highlight of the gallery’s artistic program and a curated choice of artists that have mastered the underground scene of the XXIth century. Conceived in collaboration with galleries such as Sprüth Magers, Marian Goodman or Crèvecoeur, the project is creating a dialogue with artists interested in conceptual materiality and space.

The exhibition brings together 27 artists including Dan Graham, Steven Parrino, Michail Pirgelis, Thomas Ruff, Bernar Venet, Jason Gringler and Cécile Lempert.

Building a legacy

Air Service Basel 2024
Air Basel Service is not only bringing in dialogue artists from various conceptual scenes. The show also seeks a sense of time through the period it covers, from the 1960s to the present, placing works by acknowledged masters next to young graduates.
Air Service Basel 2024