Coming Soon: Lafayette Anticipation

Coming Soon: Lafayette Anticipation


Envision the future of contemporary art

Drawing inspiration from artist Barbara Kruger's statement, "the future belongs to those who can see it", Coming Soon explores the significance of our perception of the future in relation to the present moment. It delves into how our aspirations, doubts, longings, and worries materialize, and how varied perspectives and mindsets are expressed.

Curated by Rebecca Lamarche Vadel, the exhibition aims to be both a time capsule and a perspective on the future. Contemporary art becomes a vector of projection and imagination, by focusing on what will surround us in the years to come. The conceptual nature of the exhibition invites the viewer to position themselves as a reference in the present time, and thus create a distance with the artwork that confronts them.

As a Docent member, you have the privilege of accessing some of the works by artists that will be featured in the exhibition.