Explore Jessie Homer French's Upcoming Solo Show in Los Angeles

Explore Jessie Homer French's Upcoming Solo Show in Los Angeles


Normal Landscapes: Jessie Homer French New Solo Show at Various Small Fires

While the year is still new, Jessie Homer French is unveiling her latest exhibition, "Normal Landscapes", at Various Small Fires in Los Angeles on January 13th.
In her fifth solo show at VSF, Homer French explores the absurdity of earthly existence by blending human parameters (death, work and daily occupations) with the environnement and the frontier between rural and urban spaces, in line with the anti-pastoral tradition to which she is attached.
For more than five decades, Homer French has developed a self-taught style of painting known as "regional narrative painting." Bold colors are combined with meticulous brushstrokes to create meaningful compositions, oscillating between the irony of certain situation and a more emotional approach to the landscape.
Los Angeles coyotes meet bears roaming snowy peaks, intense wildfires, and cemeteries where lost friends reside—visible to the viewer in a cross-section view at the bottom quarter of the canvas.
In this corpus of over 20 works, French translates her need for "normality" at the dawn of his 80s. This is not a “normality” in the negative sense that conveys boredom, but rather a beauty present in the simplest elements that surround us and compose moments of our life.
Deeply silent, her works invite us to take a walk through various panoramas, reminding us that there is nothing more resonant within us than our primordial connection with nature, and nothing more entertaining than our existence offset within its order.
Jessie Homer French has been featured in the 49th Venice Biennale at the Arsenale.
Explore Jessie Homer French's Upcoming Solo Show in Los Angeles
Jessie Homer French, Normal Landscapes
January 13 - February 17, 2024
Various Small Fires
812 Highland Ave,
Los Angeles, CA 90038