Independent New York

Independent New York


A new edition for the fair's 15th anniversary

From a network of over 350 galleries assembled since its inception, 88 galleries are taking part in the 2024 edition, with 38 galleries making their Independent debut. This is the largest participation in terms of number of galleries and the most international edition in the fair’s history with 59 North American, 23 European, 4 Latin American, 2 Asian galleries taking part.

As a special initiative for this year’s 15th anniversary edition, Independent founder Elizabeth Dee and founding curatorial advisor Matthew Higgs are co-curating a focused presentation in the center of the fair, titled 15 x15: Independent 2010-2024, that will feature artists and galleries who have made a significant impact upon the Independent’s history.
Independent New York
Spring Studios
50 Varick St.
New York, NY 10013

Preview Day:
Thursday, May 9: 5PM – 8PM

Public Hours:
Friday, May 10: 11AM – 7PM
Saturday, May 11: 11AM – 7PM
Sunday, May 12: 11AM – 6PM

Ciaccia Levi

Ciaccia Levi’s solo presentation at Independent will mark the US debut of the Swiss artist Romane de Watteville. The exhibition will present new paintings created specifically for the fair, in which patterns and images are used to construct an impression of the artist’s domestic life. Here, the home is the setting for narratives of desire, centered as much on the human body—whether her own or another—as on the fabrics, ornaments, and clothing that surround it. De Watteville’s artistic research is an exploration of portraiture on the threshold between the real and the imaginary.


Sans Titre

Sans titre will show new paintings and a sculptural work by Sequoia Scavullo which refer to dreams, personal histories, and non-verbal communication. A recent graduate of the École des Beaux-Arts de Paris, Scavullo is inspired by her father’s Taíno culture from the Caribbean, which does not distinguish between dreams and waking states. The Taíno people’s holistic approach to the world considers the human being in its totality, both body and spirit. Transposing this idea to painting, Scavullo mediates emotional states through the language of color.

The Approach

The Approach and Chris Sharp Gallery will jointly present recent paintings by the New York-based artist Glenn Goldberg. The artist asserts, “There are no birds in my work.” And yet the primary motif of this body of paintings is the silhouette of a bird. The cutout essentially functions as a structural device in works that Goldberg meticulously crafts using a systematic mark-making method resembling stitching on top of fields of vibrant color. The marks not only construct pictorial space, but are a record of concentrated attention, time, and devotion. Goldberg’s paintings refer to anti-authoritarian attitudes of the 1970s that brought political and aesthetic movements such as feminist art and pattern painting to the forefront. He states that they “attempt to facilitate the inexplicable.”