Victoire Inchauspé

Victoire Inchauspé



Docent is pleased to unveil its new drop by promising french artist Victoire Inchauspé.

An artwork drop is a unique, time-sensitive release of a masterpiece that allows our most valued collectors to be among the first to acquire it.

Make sure to note the date and time of Thursday 7th March at CET 2PM as the drop works on a first-come basis.
"Frequently recurring in my work are a selection of flowers: sunflowers, poppies, thistles, edelweiss and mimosas. Their symbolism is a vital part of my creations, as I am fascinated by their inherent duality and potential for paradox. Take the sunflower for instance; it presents a cheerful visage, yet once it wilts, its mood turns somber. As the sunflower matures, it produces seeds. These seeds, contained within the drooping head of the flower, are subsequently scattered, giving life to new flowers and renewing the cycle. The tall and slender form of these flowers can also be seen as an anthropomorphic representation of humans."

Purchase the work of a young and promising artist in exclusivity on Docent

In the current french market, Victoire's work is in high demand, with collectors and enthusiasts alike clamoring to add her pieces to their collections. Her exhibitions regularly sell out, and her reputation as a rising star in the art world continues to grow.

Victoire Inchauspé's emphasis on natural elements adds a compelling dimension to her work, tapping into a growing appreciation for eco-conscious themes and a desire for connection with the natural world. Additionally, the increasing visibility and support for young female artists in today's generation of collectors have provided a fertile ground for Inchauspé's talent to flourish, as her work embodies the zeitgeist of empowerment and innovation.
Victoire Inchauspé