Alex Foxton: Unraveling the Paradox of Order and Chaos

Alex Foxton: Unraveling the Paradox of Order and Chaos


We're thrilled to present one of our standout highlights for the new year: Alex Foxton's new exhibition, "Swoon," just unveiled at Galerie Derouillon, Paris.

In this new solo show, Alex Foxton explores the delicate balance between order and chaos, drawing inspiration from classical artworks while also confronting the violence present in our world.
The exhibition features figures that symbolize stability, primarily Apollo, who is surrounded by soldiers and symbols of order. However, Foxton introduces an underlying sense of unease, influenced by Titian’s “Flaying of Marsyas” and Ribera’s “Apollo and Marsyas.”
Foxton openly admits that he wants to “paint all the cruelty in the world,” referencing the increased visibility of violence in contemporary society. The paintings are layered with images reminiscent of manuscripts, connecting the past and present and emphasizing the interconnectedness of our collective imagination.
In addition to expressing violence, Foxton seeks to symbolically weave together opposing forces. The beauty of the works and their nuanced exploration of disorder and order invite viewers to reflect on the inherent paradoxes of the human experience.
In “Swoon,” Foxton meticulously deconstructs traditional archetypes, offering a profound exploration of masculinity, heroic figures, and the symbolic role of color. The exhibition encourages contemplation of the fragility of established order and the therapeutic potential of acknowledging and navigating the complexities of the human condition.
Alex Foxton
04.01.24 — 24.02.24

Galerie Derouillon
13 Rue de Turbigo
75002 Paris