Condo Guide | Central

Condo Guide | Central


Condo, the innovative art exhibition initiative, makes its return with global collaborative exhibitions for the first time since the pandemic. This year, the initiative features 50 galleries across 23 spaces in London, showcasing a diverse global vision of art.

Our team has compiled a series of Curated Routes to Navigate Condo 2024, organized by area and proximity. In the Central Quarter, the following galleries are featured: Maxwell Graham (New York), Galeria Jaqueline Martins (São Paulo/Brussels), Bridget Donahue (New York), High Art (Paris), Kayokoyuki (Tokyo), Import Export (Warsaw), Artbeat (Tbilisi). They are hosted by Hot Wheels, Phillida Reid, Arcadia Missa, Sadie Coles HQ, Rodeo, and Modern Art.
①⑤ HOT WHEELS ATHENS/LONDON 91 Great Russell St, WC1B 3PS # open Wed–Sat, 11am–6pm # hosting MAXWELL GRAHAM New York

①⑥ PHILLIDA REID 10–16 Grape St, WC2H 8DY # open Tue–Sat, 11am–6pm # hosting GALERIA JAQUELINE MARTINS São Paulo/Brussels

①⑦ ARCADIA MISSA 35 Duke Street, W1U 1LH # open Tue–Sat, 12–6pm # hosting BRIDGET DONAHUE New York & HIGH ART Paris

①⑧ SADIE COLES HQ 62 Kingly St, W1B 5QN # open Tue–Sat, 11am–6pm # hosting KAYOKOYUKI Tokyo

①⑨ RODEO 12a Bourdon St, W1K 3PG # open Tue–Sat, 11am–6pm # hosting IMPORT EXPORT Warsaw

②⓪ MODERN ART 7 Bury St, SW1Y 6AB # open Wed–Sat, 11am–6pm # hosting GALLERY ARTBEAT Tbilisi