Condo Guide | East London

Condo Guide | East London


Condo, the innovative art exhibition initiative, makes its return with global collaborative exhibitions for the first time since the pandemic. This year, the initiative features 50 galleries across 23 spaces in London, showcasing a diverse global vision of art.

Our team has compiled a series of Curated Routes to Navigate Condo 2024, organized by area and proximity. In the East Quarter, the following galleries are featured: Marfa’ Projects (Beirut), LambdaLambdaLambda (Prishtina), Ehrlich Steinberg (Los Angeles), Pamela Weissenberg (Mexico City), Gianni Manhattan (Vienna), P21 (Seoul), Chapter NY (New York), Galerie Kandlhofer (Vienna), Sweetwater (Berlin), Bureau (New York), Peana (Mexico City), Misako & Rosen (Tokyo), and sans titre (Paris). They are hosted by The approach, Soft Opening, Herald St, Mother’s Tankstation, Project Native Informant, Carlos/Ishikawa, Maureen Paley, Kate Macgarry, Emalin, Public Gallery, and Union Pacific.
You can find the exhibited works below.
① THE APPROACH 1st Floor, 47 Approach Road, E2 9LY # open Wed–Sat, 12–6pm # hosting MARFA’ PROJECTS Beirut

② SOFT OPENING 6 Minerva St, E2 9EH # open Wed–Sat, 12–6pm # hosting LAMBDALAMBDALAMBDA Prishtina

③ HERALD ST 2 Herald St, London E2 6JT # open Tue—Sat, 11am—6pm # hosting EHRLICH STEINBERG Los Angeles

④ MOTHER’S TANKSTATION 48 Three Colts Ln, E2 6GQ # open Thu–Sat, 12–6pm # hosting PAMELA WEISSENBERG Mexico City

⑤ PROJECT NATIVE INFORMANT Units 1 & 3, 48 Three Colts Ln, E2 6GQ # open Wed–Sat, 12–6pm # hosting GIANNI MANHATTAN Vienna & P21 Seoul
⑥ CARLOS/ISHIKAWA Unit 4, 88 Mile End Road, E1 4UN # open Wed–Sat, 12–6pm # hosting CHAPTER NY New York & GALERIE KANDLHOFER Vienna

⑦ MAUREEN PALEY: STUDIO M Rochelle School, 7 Playground Gardens, E2 7FA # open Wed–Sun, 11am–6pm # hosting SWEETWATER Berlin

⑧ KATE MACGARRY 27 Old Nichol St, E2 7HR # open Tue–Sat, 11am–5pm # hosting BUREAU New York

⑨ EMALIN 1 Holywell Ln, EC2A 3ET # open Wed–Sat, 11am–6pm # hosting GALERIE NEU Berlin

①⓪ PUBLIC GALLERY 91 Middlesex St, E1 7DA # open Tue–Fri, 11am–6pm & Sat, 11am–5pm # hosting PEANA Mexico City

①① UNION PACIFIC 17 Goulston St, E1 7TP # open Thu–Sat, 12–6pm # hosting MISAKO & ROSEN Tokyo & SANS TITRE Paris